What is DGT?

DGT is the abbreviation of DIGOLD Token, which is an anchored gold asset certificate issued by DIGOLD. This certificate is based on the ERC-20 smart contract. “Download” the DGT introduction.

DGT is based on what principles?

The total amount of DGT is issued on the basis of the equivalent of 999.9 real gold or gold bills, i.e. one DGT is equal to one kilogram of gold, or one Goldzip issued by the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Trade Centre (CGSE).

What's the meaning of having DGT?

DGT can be regarded as the tokenization of real gold. Owning DGT is equivalent to owning real gold and can be used for asset preservation and gold investment. At the same time, DGT has more efficient liquidity and lower storage cost than real gold.

How to buy DGT?

DIGOLD, as the issuer of DGT, will not use financing methods such as ICO or STO, and will not conduct any public fundraising. After the investor has passed the KYC and confirmed the source of funds, the equivalent DGT can be exchanged by depositing the real gold or Goldzip to DIGOLD.

How to store, send and receive DGT?

DGT can be store, send and receive in DIGOLD Wallet, or in other Ethereum Wallet.

How is DGT priced?

DGT is equivalent to 999.9 real gold, and 1 DGT is equal to 1 gram of gold. As the price of gold fluctuates, the price of the DGT also fluctuates.

How to verify the compliances issued amount of DGT?

Investors able verify the total issued amount of DGT on the chain. It is equal to the collateral which included; Physical Gold Bar which escrowed by 3rd parties vault and the total Goldzip number held by DIGOLD. The gold and Goldzip reserve will execute the quarterly audit by Big Four accounting firms. All audit report are open for public which available at DIGOLD official website.

DGT's quality compliance security?

DGT ‘s asset backed by uncirculated LBMA gold bar, therfore DGT is a safe and reliable token.

How Goldzip holder swap Goldzip to DGT?

Goldzip holder able by use the functional button “GZ -> DGT” in DIGOLD Wallet. Please check with GZ swap DGT for the details.

How to swap DGT to Goldzip?

https://www.digold.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/DGT-GZ-FLOW-EN.pdfDGT holder able by use the functional button “DGT -> GZ” in DIGOLD Wallet for redemption. Please click “download” for the details.

There with any Charges on swaping Goldzip to DIGOLD?

No, there haven’t any fee on it.

How do DGT holders swap physical gold?

DGT holder able by use the functional button “SWAP” in DIGOLD Wallet for Gold Bar. Please click “download” for the details.

What is Bullion Partner?

Bullion Partner represented the gold bar holder who had collateral use gold bar as collateral the equivalent of DGT.

How to be Bullion Partner?

Bullion Partner must have not less than 100kg qualified Gold as collateral. Please contact us for more details.